Strange Machine


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Artwork by Heitor Satyro, Jessica Coqueiro and Ryan Dusthimer.


released January 1, 2014

Written and performed by RED CENT, Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Grala



all rights reserved


RED CENT Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Strange Machine
Eyes Peel, Lips Seal
Ears tremble with tone.
Hands steal, Nerves feel
And it's all wrapped around bone.

Legs shake, Faces fake
Lungs cough and throats choke.
Hormones hate and pallets clear plates,
Minds cope and hearts hope...

Oh Strange Machine,
I am you, you are me.
Oh Strange Machine.

Heads turn, Muscles burn,
Egos follow urge.
Bones grind, fibers bind,
But it all wears out in time..

Oh Strange Machine,
I am you, you are me.
Oh Strange Machine.

Dear Doctor, can you cure me?
Mr. Mechanic, won't you fix me?
Track Name: Donald Texist
Oh my God!
There's no God.
But I still don't want to die.

My head is in the clouds,
And there's clouds inside my head.
Where's the "me" in all this mess?

Because I didn't chose my parents,
And I am just a coincidence.

I see the evidence,
That I am just a circumstance.
Yeah this is just a dance.


I am THAT,
You are THAT,
All of this is THAT,
and THAT is all there is.
Track Name: On The Same Page
Realize the damage that's done,
Wake up head spinning in the sun.
Familiars on the furniture on floor,
Bad taste and a t-shirt that's torn.

The cold wind hit's your nose like a ghost.
And the secret he tells you grabs hold...
"Run all your resources dry..
But don't cheat the bones by your side"

Memories melting like candlewax,
Dripping on the plates that we all hold in our hands.

Words are just soup in your skull,
With eyes that are ready to roll.
Our hearts are all humming out loud,
We're all on the same page now..

But I'm loosing fuel like an oil spill,
Wringing the last drops out of each and every thrill.
Memories melting like candlewax,
Dripping on the plates that we all hold in our hands.
Track Name: Save Face
I'd paint it red,
But the sweat would wash it off
and make such a mess.

Try and turn it blue,
But time is cruel and I've got
to breath just like you.

Is it what I say or what's said about me?
Will someone shoot the goddamn shorthand please?

Hide it in the sand,
And talk with my hands,
as if they'd understand.

If I left it blank,
It'd be bound to break
just like an old fish tank.

Is it what I hear or who hears me?
Will someone change the fucking song please?

Keep it still,
Let it fill then overflow,
watch out when it spills.

Make sure it's clean,
Like the plastic faces in
all of the magazines.

Is it what I see or who sees me?
Will someone freeze the picture frame please?
Track Name: Hard To Say
I go out,
because I can.
I don't know how,
But I think I've got a plan.

I could of been anything,
But now I'm nothing, ain't that something.
I want it all,
But I only get what's coming.

I've got a job,
Because I have to.
I love you, I hate you, I love you...
Because it's so easy for me to do.
Track Name: Wondering
Countless ring in everything,
I hear them everyday.
It's strange to think that's what I'll be
When my mind has gone away.

This endless space above my place,
It's lingering all the time.
I give it a thought and I end up lost,
Tangled in my mind...


From the Taj Mahal to the bugs on my wall,
And everything thats inbetween.
From this man made sprawl to the natural,
It all leaves me wondering.
Track Name: All In Your Mind
I'm up and I'm down,
I'm wrong and I'm right,
When I fall, do I make a sound?
I don't know...

It ain't that I'm unhappy,
I'm just dissatisfied.
But no, it ain't your fault baby.

"It's all in your mind"

It's six of one and half dozen of the other,
But I still can't decide to save my mother.
Back and forth, over and over.

"It's all in the mind"

I'll take you up then turn you down tomorrow.
I'll call you back and hang up at hello.
Stop and go, yes and no...
Track Name: Under The Rug
What's that you've got up your sleeve?
A pack of matches and a can of gasoline.

Your letter did not find it's home,
So your burning it to keep from the cold.
Another point of view that no one will know...

Hey Johnny boy,
That dirt, it don't go there..
Oh my sister Jane,
Hiding it won't make it disappear.

How long have you been clenching those fists?
The target has long since been missed.

Yeah the choir is quiet, there's no peace yet accuired..
Because that road has no start and no end,
So watch where you point that I ain't got no agenda.

Hey Johnny boy,
Your shots hit nothing but air.
Oh my sister Jane,
I know it ain't fucking fair.
Track Name: Waterhole
Filling up fast from all the rain,
But draining at a much quicker pace.
It's easy to get lost in the race,
So I'll save you a spot on the bank.

Look at these foreign faces all in a row..
Oh, waterhole.

It's a never-ending game of push and pull.
We're all taking turns at the trough to fill the null.
You've been before, yeah you know which way to go,
So forward march, onward to the show..

It's a mouth full of sand and mud from head to toes...
Oh, waterhole.

The curtain falls once the last drop is gone,
Yeah we came to together, but now we must move on.
These meeting grounds were friendships take ahold,
Are also where lives are bought and sold.

So fill up the tank before you hit the road,
Oh, waterhole.