Slow To Settle


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released July 28, 2015



all rights reserved


RED CENT Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Waves
I'm out wading in the water,
Waiting for another wave to hit.
Lead heart and a bottle on the bottom,
I should appreciate them, but I'm seasick.

It's always coming with the up and down,
Lost and found, but I'm learning quick.
In time, there'll be a new tide,
...what a ride.

Floating in the middle of the ocean,
With the endless motion; sink, sink or swim.
Now I'm so hypnotized,
With zig-zags for eyes,
I start to forget.

What is the name of this game?
Who can I blame, who does the glove fit?
Oh well, just another swell,
It rose and fell.
Track Name: Wolf
Honey, I see your side but I'm stuck on mine.
Oh man, I know what ya mean, but it ain't me.
Is it enough to understand?
Or do I have to pretend?
Forever hot or cold, and I'll be alone.

Well I look over your shoulder,
But I don't see what you see.
Cuz baby, I'm always hunting,
You know I ain't no sheep.
And now I'm fighting in the quicksand.
But how long can I last?
I'll dig under the fence for one last chance.

If I was a dog, could I learn a new trick?
Or am I over it.

That bullethole in the sky, gets me so high.
Yeah sometimes, it's so bright that I lose sight
Of you and I.
Will I ever feel full?
And how much is natural?
How much of this is greed and how much is need?

If I was a bird, could I memorize your words?
And then, would the tables turn...

Should I pull out my teeth and quit all this chewing?
and is it easier to breath when you're not always
chasing something?
But I'll meet you in the middle,
Of that wet morning field.
And we'll decide what we want from this life.
Track Name: Go Along
Piles of paper that mean nothing to me.
I know my lines, its just that I don't like this scene.
Intangible lines in my mind create a divide.
And I wonder, wonder, wonder..
To what end is this really worth my while?

Go along, How long?

Is there a way if there's a will? Maybe there never will be.
Sometimes I can't separate the trite from the necessary.
She's on my side and I know that all I need is love.
And I wonder, wonder, wonder...
How long I can keep on showing up?
Track Name: Fur and Bones
Took out a couple screws
When I heard the news.
I kept them loose and
Offered them to you.
But like a dog with a dead raccoon,
Proud, then a ashamed
Because you've got no use.
You can't fix it with hammers and glue,

Fur and bones.

A bucket of bleach may serve you well.
You can clean it up, but it still smells.
Like a skull with bits of skin,
Take your time bringing it in,
You can't rush this stuff
Or no one wins.
Track Name: Anything But Me
Do you think it's strange?
That I wonder what'll grow above my grave.
How long will it take?
For all my pieces to be back floating in space.

Well nothing lasts forever,
But it's only change...

I'll be anything but me, someday.

Every man tries to understand,
Then it's back into the soup again.
All of this love I have,
Will keep on going when I can't.

Ain't it bizarre?
Those before us are now growing in our yards.
Oh just a part,
Of before and after, that's what we are.
Track Name: Where's The Line
I don't wanna,
I ain't gonna,
Try to change your mind this time.

I don't wanna,
I ain't gonna,
Fight just to be right, it's fine.

It's all seamless when you look close enough,
So I don't know why everything's gotta be so tough.
But we use 'cause we're all used,
There's no tellin' who is who.
We're just meat sacks pushing air,
saying "ME, NOT YOU!"

And I don't know why you think that of me.
I'm so sick hearing everything I do is all B.A.D.
With the living and the dead,
All dancing in my head,
I can't see where they start and where they end...

Where is the line?
Track Name: Deep Dreamers
He's always out to lunch, but he never eats,
He'll go for any ride, but not in the driver's seat.
He makes million faces, but they're being seen,
His head's a roller-coaster but he never screams.

His alarm clock puts him to sleep,
And all of these people are just his counting sheep.

She's dreams in color but she wakes to gray,
So she slowly blinks, just to get a taste.
She's got rocks in her pockets, or she'd float into space,
A thin lining's all that keeps her in this place.

Her alarm clock puts her to sleep,
All of these people are just her counting sheep.

No walls when they fall, and they know it well.
With landscapes and lovers is where they dwell.
When the whole waking world don't care what you tell,
You will sink in your mind, and you live for the spell.

Their alarm clocks put them to sleep,
All of these people are just their counting sheep.
Track Name: The Ceiling
You play dumb and deny it,
Others say their ain't no
Way to stop it,
At some point we gotta go.

I'm not sure about this feeling;
Wonder if we're ever gonna
Hit the ceiling,
How much is there to know?

We remember before.
No more, 'more, more, more'...

Are we sailing or sinking?
To what end do we just
Keep on breeding?
As if there's room to grow.

There goes the last of leavers,
If we listened to what
they can teach us,
Would mama come back home?

We remember before.
No more "more, more, more..."

Here comes the ceiling.
Track Name: Monsters
They won't change,
It's how they were made.
Maybe, it's from the way they were raised.
Maybe, it's sewn in their tissues and veins.
Fundamentally placed.